The publications of HIRLAM are the joint ALADIN- HIRLAM Newsletters since September 2013. Before that, HIRLAM Newsletters, coming out two times a year, and HIRLAM Technical Reports were published.



HIRLAM_Technical_Notes ( 9 Files )

This section contains scanned copies of the technical notes published in the first HIRLAM project.


aladin-hirlam-newsletters ( 10 Files )


Joint ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletters

ALADIN and HIRLAM are jointly publishing their ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletters since September 2013.

The aim is to do this twice a year: one edition around summer (dedicated to the joint All staff Workshop in spring) and one edition in the winter season.

If you have a contribution for the newsletter please contact the ALADIN secretariat (at MF) and the HIRLAM secretariat (at KNMI).


contributions for the 11th common ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletter
deadline: early August 2018
  • will be mainly devoted to the presentations given by ALADIN and HIRLAM staff at the joint Wk/ASM 2018 in Toulouse
  • will give a focus on:
    • the recent doctors (if any)
    • articles just published
  • will list the future events such as scientific meetings, working weeks, working days
  • and: any additional contribution is also very welcome!


Please be reminded:


ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters:

icon ALADIN HIRLAM Newsletter No.10 January 2018 (55.24 MB 2018-08-08)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_No.9 September 2017 (18.54 MB 2018-01-08)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 8_January2017 (53.62 MB, 2017-05-04)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 7_August2016 (55.2 MB, 2017-05-04)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 6_February2016 (44.96 MB, 2017-05)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 5 - August2015 (27.68 MB, 2017-05-04) 
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 4 - February 2015 (13.56 MB, 2017-05-03) 
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 3 - September 2014 (9.37 MB, 2014-09-26)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 - April 2014 (6.34 MB, 2014-05-01)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 - September 2013 (8.84 MB, 2013-10-09)














final_reports ( 5 Files )

This section contains the final reports of the past HIRLAM projects.

HIRLAM Newsletters

HIRLAM Newsletters ( 339 Files )

The HIRLAM Newsletters No. 26 and later can be found here. The older newsletters are still in the process of migrating to this place (to be scanned from hardcopies).


 HIRLAM Newsletters

icon HIRLAM Newsletter No. 59 December 2012 (3.36 MB, 2013-02-08)  
icon HIRLAM Newsletter No. 58 November 2011 (16.5 MB, 2012-01-17) 
icon HIRLAM Newsletter No. 57 April 2011 (11.47 MB 2011-10-12) 
icon HIRLAM Newsletter No.56 November 2010 (11.08 MB, 2017-04-28) 


HIRLAM Technical Reports

HIRLAM Technical Reports ( 79 Files )

The HIRLAM Technical reports since the beginning of the HIRLAM programme are gradually being imported into the DOCman document management system.



TR# Subject Author(s)
HIRLAM Technical Report No. 70 (6.03 MB)icon

HARMONIE verifcation and evaluation
                March 2017 

Wim de Rooy and Hylke de Vries et al
HIRLAM Technical Report No. 69 (3.55 MB)icon A verification score for High resolution NWP:
idealized and preoperational tests
             December 2012

Bent H. Sass and Xiaohua Yang

... Report from the SRNWP Workshop on High
resolution data assimilation with emphasis
on the use of moisture-related observations
                July 2008


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