The HARMONIE-AROME model configuration

The publication "The  HARMONIE-AROME model configuration in the ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system" describes the forecast model configuration (e.g. no data assimilation or EPS) used in our Reference System (Cy40h1) configuration. 

It can be used as a baseline reference publication whenever you need to describe what the HARMONIE-AROME forecast model actually consists of. A warm thank-you to Lisa Bengtsson and her co-authors for having provided us with this long-awaited and no doubt very useful reference in the refereed literature!
The publication has been accepted for publication in MWR,


HARMONIE-AROME configuration

In writing this article, we have had an extensive dialogue between the HIRLAM management group, the HIRLAM Advisory Committee (HAC) and the ALADIN Political Advisory Committee (PAC) as well as ALADIN/LACE partners about the naming convention of our model and the other LAM models in the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system. We have agreed to use the name HARMONIE-AROME for the model configuration adopted in our Reference system from now onwards. This in recognition of the legacy provided by Meteo-France and ALADIN, but also indicating that the HARMONIE variant of AROME differs in specific aspects (described clearly in the paper above) from that of AROME-France. We hereby urge you, whenever you are writing proposals, scientific articles and conference presentations, to consistently use the naming convention "HARMONIE-AROME" when referring to our forecast model configuration from now on. We recognize that people are using many names when referring to the model, e.g. Harmonie, AROME, local suite names like MetCoop and AROME-Arctic, the climate version HCLIM etc. There are historic reasons for this, but for reasons of clarity, it will be good for all of us to adopt and stick to one common naming convention in the future when describing the contents of the model itself.


HARMONIE scripting system

At the moment, for NWP purposes we develop, maintain and support only the reference model configuration for HARMONIE-AROME. But we do have a HARMONIE scripting system which also permits the running of other LAM model configurations which are contained in the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system, such as ALARO and ALADIN (but which are not developed or supported by the HIRLAM community). When people use the script system in this way in presentations and/or publications, we urge them to be careful to specify which model configuration they are actually running and NOT just call it “the HARMONIE model / system”. If for example you use the HARMONIE scripting system to perform climate runs with the ALARO model configuration and the SURFEX surface model, you could e.g. describe this as "In this study we have used long runs of the ALARO model within the HARMONIE script syste and coupled it to the external SURFEX scheme", and thereby clearly describe, and do justice to, all the components involved.