Joint ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletters

ALADIN and HIRLAM are jointly publishing their ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletters since September 2013.

The aim is to do this twice a year: one edition around summer (dedicated to the joint All staff Workshop in spring) and one edition in the winter season.

If you have a contribution for the newsletter please contact the ALADIN secretariat (at MF) and the HIRLAM secretariat (at KNMI).


contributions for the 11th common ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletter
deadline: early August 2018
  • will be mainly devoted to the presentations given by ALADIN and HIRLAM staff at the joint Wk/ASM 2018 in Toulouse
  • will give a focus on:
    • the recent doctors (if any)
    • articles just published
  • will list the future events such as scientific meetings, working weeks, working days
  • and: any additional contribution is also very welcome!


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ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters:

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icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 3 - September 2014 (9.37 MB, 2014-09-26)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 - April 2014 (6.34 MB, 2014-05-01)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 - September 2013 (8.84 MB, 2013-10-09)














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ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 September 2013 ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 September 2013

Date added: 09/26/2013
Date modified: 10/09/2013
Filesize: 8.84 MB
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The first joint ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 September 2013 mainly dedicated to the papers presented at the HIRLAM ASM2013 / ALADIN 23rd Wk in Reykjavik.


Introduction, Tilly Driesenaar and Patricia Pottier

Papers presented at the combined ALADIN 23th Workshop / HIRLAM All-Staff Meeting 2013 15 - 19 April, Reykjavik

Mode-S Enhanced Surveillance derived observations from multiple Air Traffic Control Radars and the impact in hourly HIRLAM, Siebren de Haan
State and parameter estimation with the extended Kalman filter for soil analysis: a feasibility study, Rafiq Hamdi, Alberto Carrassi, Stéphane Vannitsem, Piet Termonia
GLAMEPS and HarmonEPS: LAM ensemble prediction systems under development, Inger-Lise Frogner, GLAMEPS team and HarmonEPS team
Finite elements used in the vertical discretization of the fully compressible forecast model ALADIN-NH, Jozef Vivoda, Petra Smolíková
Status of ARPEGE and AROME physics, Yves Bouteloup
Experiences with HARMONIE at IMO, Bolli Palmason, Hróbjartur Thorsteinsson, Sigurdur Thorsteinsson, Gudrun Nina Petersen
Can HARMONIE be accelerated with GPU's or coprocessors?, Enda O'Brien and Adam Ralph
FROST-2014 – First experiences of deterministic Harmonie in the Sochi region, Sami Niemelä Evgeny Atlaskin, Sigbritt Näsman and Pertti Nurmi

Other papers

New model cycle 38t1, Joël Stein and Marc Tardy

Annex A Programme and participant list of the ASM 2013/ALADIN 23th Wk

ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 April 2014 ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 April 2014

Date added: 05/01/2014
Date modified: 05/01/2014
Filesize: 6.34 MB
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ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 April 2014


Introduction, Tilly Driesenaar and Patricia Pottier

Simulating downbursts with Alaro: a case study, Pieter De Meutter, Luc Gerard, Geert Smet, Karim Hamid, Rafiq Hamdi, Daan Degrauwe and Piet Termonia

The fog above sea problem in Harmonie: Part 1 Analysis, Wim de Rooy

Evaluation of increased horizontal and vertical resolutions in AROME-France deterministic forecasts for convective events, Yann Seity, Didier Ricard, Julien Léger, Mirela Pietrisi

Divergence in limited-area models for numerical weather prediction, Vanja Blažica

AROME in AUSTRIA, Xin Yan, Christoph Wittmann, Florian Meier

Main NWP achievements in 2013 at the Hungarian Meteorological Service, Gergely Bölöni, Dávid Lancz, Máté Mile, Roger Randriamampianina, Balázs Szintai, Mihály Szücs

ALADIN and AROME at the Direction de la Meteorology Nationale of Morocco

ALADIN in Poland – 2013, Marek Jerczynski, Bogdan Bochenek, Marcin Kolonko, Malgorzata Szczech-Gajewska, Jadwiga Woyciechowska

ALADIN Highlights for IPMA, I.P. (Portugal),Maria Monteiro, João Rio, Nuno Moreira

ALADIN related activities @SHMU (2013),Mária Derková, Jozef Vivoda, Martin Belluš

ALADIN in Slovenia: highlights of 2013,Benedikt Strajnar, Neva Pristov, Jure Cedilnik, Jure Jerman

AROME prototype over Tunisia, Ben Romdhane R

List of events in 2014


ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 3 September 2014 ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 3 September 2014

Date added: 09/26/2014
Date modified: 09/26/2014
Filesize: 9.37 MB
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Introduction, Tilly Driesenaar and Patricia Pottier

Scientific contributions

Experiences with scatterometer assimilation in HARMONIE in a severe storm case, Teresa Valkonen

Collection and assimilation of Mode-S MRAR aircraft observations in Slovenia, Benedikt Strajnar

Aliasing and upper level explosions. Two Fixes, Mariano Hortal

Could there be a need for a reformulation of the spectral horizontal discretization?, Steven Caluwaerts, Piet Termonia, Daan Degrauwe, Fabrice Voitus and Pierre Bénard

Single-column experiments with the EFB turbulence closure, Carl Fortelius and Evgeny Kadantsev

Statistical condensation scheme: Vertical variation of the saturation and convolution pdf, Daniel Martin Perez, Gema Morales Martin and Javier Calvo Sanchez

Improving wintertime low cloud forecast in AROME: sensitivity experiments and microphysics tuning, Balázs Szintai, Eric Bazile and Yann Seity

The fog above sea problem in Harmonie: Part II Experiences with the RACMO turbulence scheme, Wim de Rooy

Running HARMONIE on Xeon Phi Coprocessors, Enda O'Brien

FROST-2014 - Performance of Harmonie 1 km during Sochi Olympics, Sami Niemelä, Sigbritt Näsman and Pertti Nurmi

AROME-France 1,3 km status and plans (model part),Yann Seity

Organisational information

List of planned events



ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no4_February2015 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no4_February2015

Date added: 05/03/2017
Date modified: 05/03/2017
Filesize: 13.56 MB
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Introduction, Patricia Pottier

In memory of Jean-François Geleyn, Piet Termonia   

1st Joint Meeting of the ALADIN General Assembly and the HIRLAM Council,
Patricia Pottier


  • Update of operational AROME in Austria, Florian Meier, Christoph Wittmann, Nauman Khurshid Awan, Theresa Schellander-Gorgas, Stefan Schneider, Clemens Wastl, Florian Weidle, Xin Yan
  • ALADIN Highlights for IPMA, I.P. (Portugal), Maria Monteiro, Joao Rio, Vanda Costa,Manuel Joao Lopes, Nuno Moreira
  • Modelling activities at the Hungarian Meteorological Service, Gergely Boloni, Mate Mile,David Lancz, Balazs Szintai, Mihaly Sz?cs, Helga Toth
  • ALADIN in Poland – 2014, Marek Jerczynski, Bogdan Bochenek, Marcin Kolonko,Malgorzata Szczech-Gajewska, Jadwiga Woyciechowska
  • ALADIN related activities @SHMU (2014),Maria Derkova, Martin Belluš, Jozef Vivoda, Old?ich Španiel, Michal Neštiak
  • Direction De La Météorologie Nationale MOROCCO, Hassan HADDOUCH
  • What was important for AEMET of HIRLAM and ALADIN?,Bartolome Orfila
  • Highlights of HARMONIE and HIRLAM at DMI in 2014,Bent Hansen Sass
  • HIRLAM/HARMONIE forecasts: experience in Met Éireann,Ray Mc Grath, Emily Gleeson, Eoin Whelan
  • Highlights of NWP activities at FMI in 2014, Sami Niemela
  • HARMONIE research activities at SMHI, Heiner Kornich, Erik Kjellstrom, Per Unden, Per Dahlgren, Per Kallberg, Sebastien Villaume, Tomas Landelius, Esbjorn Olsson, Martin Ridal, Ulf Andrae, Lisa Bengtsson, Ralf Doscher, Anna Fitch, Christer Jansson, Marco Kupiainen, Petter Lind, David Lindstedt and Patrick Samuelsson
  • HARMONIE at KNMI during 2014, Jan Barkmeijer, Henk van den Brink, Cisco de Bruin, Gertie Geertsema, Siebren de Haan, Frits Koek, Kees Kok, Gert-Jan Marseille, Toon Moene, Emiel van der Plas, Wim de Rooij, Maurice Schmeits, Sander Tijm, Sibbo van der Veen, Hans de Vries, John de Vries, Wim Verkley, Ben Wichers Schreur, Ernst de Vreede, Ine Wijnant
  • DDH (Diagnostics in Horizontal Domains),Tayfun DALKILIC, Daan DEGRAUWE
  • Meteorological Co-operation on Operational NWP,Morten A. O. Koltzow, Dag Bjorge, Mariken Homleid, Ivar Seierstad (MET-Norway), Bo Strandberg, Karl Ivar Ivarson, Magnus Lindskog, Anders Wettergren (SMHI)  
  • Weather Intelligence For Wind Energy – EU Project WILL4WIND, Kristian Horvath, Alica Baji?, Stjepan Ivatek-Šahdan, Mario Hrastinski, Iris Odak, AntonioStaneši?, Martina Tudor, Tomislav Kova?i?
  • Operational ALADIN forecast in Croatia: current status and plans, Stjepan Ivatek-Šahdan, Antonio Staneši?, Martina Tudor, Alica Baji?, Mario Hrastinski, Tomislav Kova?i?, Kristian Horvath and Iris Odak Plenkovi? 
  • Impact of the data assimilation on ALARO precipitation forecast over Romania? Case study: 15th of May 2014,Mirela Pietri?i, Otilia Diaconu, Simona Ta?cu  
  • ALADIN operational system in Slovenia, Benedikt Strajnar, Neva Pristov, Jure Cedilnik, Jure Jerman
  • Two-way coupling in the atmosphere-ocean modelling system, Peter Smerkol, Matjaz Licer, Anja Fettich, Jure Cedilnik, Benedikt Strajnar, Jure Jerman , Neva Pristov, Anneta Mantziafou, Michalis Ravdas, Alexandros Papapostolou, Maja Jeromel, Sarantis Sofianos  
  • ALARO-0 used to perform EURO-CORDEX simulations, Olivier Giot, Piet Termonia, Rozemien De Troch, Steven Caluwaerts, Geert Smet, Alex Deckmyn, Luc Gerard, Michiel Van Ginderachter, Pieter De Meutter, Daan Degrauwe, Lesley De Cruz, Rafiq Hamdi, Annelies Duerinck, Julie Berckmans, Joris Van den Bergh, Bert Van Schaeybroeck
  • Deep Convection Diurnal Cycle in ALARO-1, Radmila Brožkova
  • Guidance provided by the AROME model for the situation of the 9-10 October 2014, Joel Stein, Philippe Alber
  • ARPEGE - AROME high resolution e-suite, Joel Stein, Francois Bouyssel  

 List of planned events in 2015


ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no5_August2015 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no5_August2015

Date added: 05/04/2017
Date modified: 05/04/2017
Filesize: 27.68 MB
Downloads: 15908

Introduction, Patricia Pottier

List of planned events

Neighbourhood post-processing of AROME-EPS precipitation, François Bouttier, Tarik Kriat
The GLAMEPS real-time production system, Kai Sattler, Alex Deckmyn, Xiaohua Yang
A comparison between the default HarmonEPS perturbations and random field perturbations, Henrik Feddersen
PROFORCE – Bridging of Probabilistic Forecasts and Civil Protection, Clemens Wast, Martin Suklitsch, Yong Wang, Andre Simon
The new Numerical Weather Forecast Verification System in Tunisia, Wafa Khalfaoui
Can the compiler make the difference ?, Ryad El Khatib
Experiments with HARMONIE on Xeon Phi Coprocessors, Enda O’Brien
Impact experiments of HARMONIE radar data assimilation, Shiyu Zhuang, Mats Dahlbom, Xiaohua Yang, Bent Hansen Sass
Impact experiments of HARMONIE radar data assimilation, Jelena Borayova
Progress and plans in the ARPEGE and AROME models physics, Yann Seity, Jean-MarcelPiriou, Yves Bouteloup, Alexandre Mary, Sébastien Riette, Benoit Vié, Rachel Honnert,,Clemens Wastl, Laura Rontu, Christoph Wittmann
Parameterization of orographic effects on surface radiation in AROME-SURFEX, Clemens Wastl, Alexandre Mary, Yann Seity, Laura Rontu, Christoph Wittmann
Description of the OCND2-option in the ICE3 clouds- and stratiform condensation scheme in AROME, Karl-Ivar Ivarsson
KNMI parameterization testbed as an evaluation tool: Status and plans, Wim de Rooy,Roel Neggers, Pier Siebesma, Bert van Ulft, Willem Vlot, Cisco de Bruijn,Emiel van der Plas, Eric Bazile, Henk Klein Baltink, Fred Bosveld, Toon Moene
Shortwave Radiation Experiments in HARMONIE : Tests of the cloud inhomogeneity factor and a new cloud liquid optical property scheme compared to observations, Emily Gleeson, Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Velle Toll, Laura Rontu, Eoin Whelan
Study of urban climatology over Budapest with SURFEX/TEB model at the Hungarian Meteorological Service, Gabriella Zsebeházi, Ilona Krüzselyi, Gabriella Szépszó
ALARO-1 first opertional application, Radmila Brozkova,
Deep convection and downdraught in Alaro-1, Luc Gérard
On the necessity of modularity regarding the dynamical core, Daan Degrauwe
Testing accuracy of finite element scheme used in vertical discretization of ALADIN-NH, Petra Smolikova
A new Solver for the Non-Hydrostatic Semi-Implicit Scheme in HARMONIE using Green Functions, Carlos Geijo

Publications Recently or soon published
Comment on: “Impact of changes in the formulation of cloud-related processes on model biases and climate feedbacks” by Carlo Lacagnina, Frank Selten and A. Pier Siebesma (J. Adv. Mod. Earth yst.2014; 6(4): 1224-1243), Kristian Pagh Nielsen & Emily Gleeson