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To the ASM presenters: request for papers for NL58

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Published on Friday, 22 April 2011 00:00
Written by Tilly Driesenaar


Like every year I'd like to ask you for a written summary of the presentation(s) you gave at the ASM in Norrkoping to be published in the HIRLAM Newsletter No. 58. The deadline for submission is set at 15th August. But if you can send it to me sooner that's also very welcome.


You can send your contribution in Word, OpenOffice and LaTeX. You can use attached style sheets that are rather close to the final layout. However, all text will be transferred into a PDF print proof, to get a uniform layout and to ensure everything can be printed. So the

final layout will be different from what you submit.

Style sheets including guidelines:

Please confirm your contribution to me at tilly.driesenaar-at-knmi.nl.

Kind regards,