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HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part B

The HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part B, January 2010 is finally available in the HIRLAM DOCman area. It is dedicated to the model physics, dynamics, System aspects and verification sessions and the HIRLAM separate program of the joint HIRLAM All Staff meeting 2010 / Aladin 19th Workshop.

The contents of NL 55 Part B are:

  • Introduction, Jeanette Onvlee, p. 1

Papers presented at the All-Staff Meeting 2009 (12 - 15 May, Utrecht)

  • Experiences with a strong outflow case in HARMONIE, Jan Barkmeijer, p.5
  • Verification of HIRLAM cloud forecasts with MSG cloud physical
    products, Kristian P. Nielsen, p. 11
  • Lateral mixing in shallow convection: In theory and in practice, Wim de Rooy and Pier Siebesma, p. 18
  • Cloud/Radiation parameterization issues in high resolution NWP, Bent H. Sass, p. 23
  • VFE discretization in a 2D NH model, Juan Simarro, Mariano Hortal, p. 28
  • Variable Mercator Map Factor at the HARMONIE Model, Inés Santos and Isabel Martínez, p. 35
  • Verification of high-resolution precipitation forecasts by using the SAL method, Sami Niemelä, p. 41
  • The Impact of cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) concentration and ice nucleus (IN) concentration on clouds and precipitation in Hirlam (and perhaps other models), Karl-Ivar Ivarsson, p. 48
  • Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Ice Concentration in, HIRLAM and HARMONIE, Mariken Homleid, p. 55
  • A case study: The role of horizontal area and lateral boundaries in the snowstorm 23 Nov 2009, Kalle Eerola, p. 65
  • Use of consistent operational ensemble variational assimilation to estimate and diagnose analysis and background error covariances Loïk Berre, Gérald Desroziers, Laure Raynaud, Rémi Montroty, and Florian Gibier, p. 76
  • Roughness length and displacement height dependent on stability: single-column experiments, Carl Fortelius, p. 86
  • In search of solutions for the HIRLAM surface temperature problems, Laura Rontu, p. 90

Other papers

  • SURFEX in Helsinki, NumLab 2009, Laura Rontu, Jouni Räisänen,Patrick Le Moigne, p. 95
  • Application of FLake for the prediction of ice thickness for inland waters in the Netherlands, Cisco de Bruijn and Fred Bosveld, p. 101
  • Introduction of the Rotated/Tilted Mercator projection at the GL tool, I. Santos and I. Martinez, p. 104
  • Do not trust your eyes - an anti-statistical study, Nils Gustafsson, p. 112
  • Experiences Using Radar Wind profiles At SMHI, Per Dahlgren, p. 125
  • Acceptance test of HIRLAM RCR based on vs. 7.2 at FMI, Kalle Eerola, Sami Niemelä, Reima Eresmaa, Niko Sokka, Markku Kangas, and Carl Fortelius, p. 133
  • Status of the Reference Systems, Xiaohua Yang, p. 142