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HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part A

The first part of the HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 is now available on-line at HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part A, December 2009.
Part A covers the contributions dedicated to the sessions about Data Assimilation and Predictability of the ASM in Utrecht. Part B will contain all other publications and is expected to be ready by the end of February. Hardcopies will be distributed in the first half of March.

The contents of the HIRLAM Newsletter No. 55 Part A are:

  • Introduction, Jeanette Onvlee, p.1

Papers presented at the All-Staff Meeting 2009 (12 - 15 May, Utrecht)

  • SMHI HARMONIE data assimilation, Magnus Lindskog, Ulf Andræ, Lars Meuller, Lisa Bengtsson and Karl-Ivar Ivarsson, p.5
  • The ETKF rescaling scheme in HIRLAM, Jelena Borajova, Nils Gustafsson, Åke Johansson and Ole Vignes p.11
  • Towards the operational use of radar radial wind observations in HIRLAM, Kirsti Salonen, p.23
  • Impact of ground-based GPS ZTD data assimilation in HIRLAM: 3D-Var analyses and forecasts, Reima Eresmaa, p.29
  • Configurating GLAMEPS for operational production, Trond Iversen, John Bjørnar Bremnes, Carlos Santos Burguete, Alex Deckmyn, Henrik Feddersen, Inger-Lise Frogner, Kai Sattler, p.37
  • EuroTEPS contribution to GLAMEPS, Inger-Lise Frogner, p.51
  • ETKF rescaling scheme for HIRLAM: application to ensemble forecasting, Åke Johansson, Jelena Bojarova, Nils Gustafsson and Ole Vignes, p.55
  • Verification of a set of GLAMEPS ensemble experiments, Henrik Feddersen and Kai Sattler, p.63