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The 6th ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter

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I am happy to provide you with the sixth edition of the combined Newsletter of the HIRLAM and ALADIN consortia.
This edition is mainly dedicated to a “Tour d’ALADIN et d’HIRLAM”, with contributions describing the main achievements at our meteorological services in 2015.
Besides these scientific and technical articles, you will find in this Newsletter an Interview and an overview of operational configurations. The ALADIN and HIRLAM Programme Managers also give some updates on the last important news at the consortia level. The new ALADIN and HIRLAM organisational charts are also provided, after the signing of the 5th ALADIN MoU and the HIRLAM-C MoU.
Information about new regular group video meetings has also been included in the list of events planned for 2016. The “Publications”page will be back in the seventh edition of the Newsletter.
I hope you enjoy reading the sixth ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter and thank the authors for their contributions.
Patricia Pottier