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The 10th ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter

The 10th Newsletter edition of the HIRLAM and ALADIN consortia  is ready for downloading.

This first 2018 edition is mainly dedicated to a Big Tour of ALADIN and HiRLAM NMSs, highlighting 2017 NWP activities in the 26 countries.

We like to thank all those who contributed to this Newsletter.

 Patricia Pottier and Frank Lantsheer


The 9th ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter

Welcome to the ALADIN-HIRLAM- combined 9th edition Newsletter of the HIRLAM and ALADIN consortia . 

This summer 2017 edition is supposed to be mainly dedicated to the “27th ALADIN Workshop & HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2017” that took place on 3-6 April 2017 in Helsinki (Finland).
We like to thank all those that contributed to this Newsletter with their articles. However, not so many articles were received. Therefore, we have added the full list of talks and posters with a (direct) link to the pdf of the presentations. Please be reminded that the sessions have been recorded and can be viewed on youtube.
Furthermore a special focus is proposed on 2 specific articles: AROME for nowcasting (AROME-NWC) ; Tuning the implementation of the radiation scheme ACRANEB2.
The editorial recalls the (already long) ALADIN-HIRLAM story and presents the convergence roadmap.
We hope you enjoy reading the ninth ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter. Thanks for all authors for their contributions".
Patricia and Frank


The 8th ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter

I am happy to provide you with
the eighth ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter

This edition is mainly dedicated to a “Tour d’ALADIN et d’HIRLAM”, a “summary report of a “recent workshop on a relevant subject to our community where a few of us have been involved” and an overview of operational configurations. Philippe Bougeault will update you (editorial) with the last important news at the consortia level, the signature of the ALADIN-HIRLAM cooperation agreement. The “Publications and PhDs” pages will be back in the ninth edition of the Newsletter.

   -Patricia Pottier-

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