General model description

The models that are being developed within the context of HIRLAM-C are:

  • The mesoscale model <HARMONIE-AROME> (generally run in local suites at operational resoltuions of 2.5 km in the horizontal and 65 layers in the vertical);
  • Mesoscale LAM EPS systems based on HARMONIE-AROME are generically called HarmonEPS. Local HarmonEPS suites are, or are being made, operational for the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish MetCoop operational collaboration (the so-called MEPS system), for DMI (COMEPS), AEMET (SRPES) and KNMI (KEPS)
  • The hydrostatic pan-European multi-model limited area ensemble prediction system <GLAMEPS>, which is run operationally at ECMWF

The hydrostatic (3-15 km horizontal resolution) HIRLAM model is no longer under active development, but is still being used operationally in many HIRLAM services.




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