Details for HIRLAM Newsletter No. 35 April 2000

Name:HIRLAM Newsletter No. 35 April 2000


Introduction p.1
MGM1 Report p.3
HIRLAM Management Group Visit to INM p.10
All Staff Meeting SMHI, Norrkoping p.14
List of participants p.22
MGM2 Report p.26
Operational HIRLAM at DMI 1999-2000, Bent Hansen Sass p.30
The new operational HIRLAM at FMI, Kalle Eerola p.36
Report on Operational Implementations at MF, Jean-Francois Geleyn p.44
The Irish National Report, Ray McGrath p.47
HIRLAM at KNMI, Toon Moene p.49
HIRLAM at DNMI, Dag Bjorge p.54
The new operational HIRLAM at INM, Jose Antonio Garcia-Moya p.59
SMHI operational HIRLAM system, Lars Meuller 67

* * * * *

An estimate of the seasonal dependence of background error statistics in the HIRLAM 3D-VAR, Magnus Lindskog p.71
On the multivariate formulation of the HIRLAM 3D-VAR, Loik Berre p.87
Well posed boundary conditions for HIRLAM, Aidan McDonald p.95
Non-hydrostatic adiabatic kernel for HIRLAM, Rein Room, Aarne Mannik p.103
Boundary Filters using Half-sine Functions, Peter Lynch p.110
A precision error, Nils Gustafsson, Ulf Andree and Aidan McDonald p.119

Experiences with HIRLAM including the CBR scheme, Wim de Rooy p.121
A lower boundary condition for the mixing length in the CBR turbulence scheme, Niels Woetman-Nielsen and Bent Hansen Sass p.128
Application of an extended simularity theory for the stably stratified atmospheric surface layer to HIRLAM, Veniamin Perov and S. Zilitinkevich p.137
Some developments of HIRLAM land-surface treatment at the Rossby Centre, Bjorn Bringfelt p.143
Missing snow cover in the HIRLAM system in winter - a catastrophe or not? Simo Jarvenoja p.149
New Estonian and Eastern Baltic Region Land Use Database for HIRLAM, Marko Kaasik and Jiiri Roosaare p.157
The third COMPARE exercise. Sensitivity experiments using the HIRLAM model, Javier Calvo p.163
Testing the revised HIRLAM radiation scheme, Simo Jarvenoja and Laura Rontu p.171

* * * * *

Behaviour of the HIRLAM model for the Xmas storm over France, Jose Antonio
Garcia-Moya and Beatriz Navascues p.180
Comparison between different NWP and a research model on the November 99 flash flood in Southern France, Eric Bazile and Pierre Benard p.188
Status ofthe HIRLAM delayed mode data assimilation for BALTEX BRIDGE, Carl Fortelius p.193
Some views of F90 and HIRLAM, Kalle Eerola p.199
HIRLAM at the NUMLAB course at the University of Helsinki, Laura Rontu and Kimmo Rousteenoja p.208
Experience with HIRLAM on GNU/Linux PC cluster, Aarne Mannik p.211
HIRLAM Verification scores 1st Quarter 2000, Per Unden p.214
HIRLAM Release Notes p.223


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