Details for HIRLAM Newsletter No. 34 November 1999

Name:HIRLAM Newsletter No. 34 November 1999


Introduction p.1
Calendar p.2
Report of Management Group Visit to DMI, 26th August, 1999 p.3
Workshop on Satellite Observation Processing, Noordwijk p.5
Planning Meeting on HIRLAM Remote Sensing, Noordwijk p.7
Proposal on Boundary Conditions for Limited Area Modelling p.9
Verification Development: Current Status p.12

* * * * *

Analysis Modifications of Box Sizes, Moving Platform Check and Observation Errors, Per Unden p.15
Towards a New Operational HIRLAM System at FMI Results from Pre-operational Tests, Simo Jarvenoja p.33
Implicit Treatment of Turbulent Kinetic Energy Dissipation in the CBR turbulence scheme, Bent Hansen Sass p.43
The Land Surface Treatment used for the Second Regional Climate Simulation (RCA1) at the Rossby Centre, Bjorn Bringfelt p.52
Impact of the Lateral Boundaries on the Digital Filter Initialization scheme in HIRLAM, Ray McGrath and Peter Lynch p.57
HIRLAM on Linux, Toon Moene p.61

* * * * *

Unified Model Experience with Higher Resolution, Clive Wilson p.64

* * * * *

Annual Trends in Forecast Skill at Met Eireann. p.76
HIRLAM Release Notes. p.80
Note on the Cover Illustration. p.82
THANKS. p.83


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