Details for HIRLAM Newsletter No. 33 May 1999

Name:HIRLAM Newsletter No. 33 May 1999


Introduction p.1
All-Staff Meeting, KNMI, De Bilt, 15-17 March, 1999 p.3
Report of Management Group Visit to Met Eireann, 9 February, 1999 p.9
Notes from a Meeting on Variational Data Assimilation, 14 April, 1999 p.12
Report of Verification Meeting, KNMI, De Bilt, 19-20 May, 1999 p.15

* * * * *

Operational Reports

DMI: Operational HIRLAM at DMI p.18
FMI: The Operational HIRLAM System at FMI p.24
IMS: HIRLAM at Met Eireann p.32
DNMI: Operational HIRLAM at DNMI p.43
INM: HIRLAM Operational System at INM p.45
SMHI: Operational HIRLAM System at SMHI p.53
Meteo-France: Operational Changes at Meteo-France p.58

 * * * * *

Parallel HIRLAM Forecast Model: an Overview, Kalle Eerola p.60
Changes to the Semi-Lagrangian Scheme, Aidan McDonald p.69
Comparison of the HIRLAM Eulerian and Semi-Lagrangian Schemes in a Climate Mode Integration. Ulf Andree p.72
Stretched Grids: Large Area Forecasts and Parallel Approaches, Enda Kelly and Jim Hamilton p.78
Sensitivity of Precipitation Forecasts to Horizontal Resolution using the STRACO Scheme, Niels Woetman-Nielsen p.81
The Rasch-Kristjansson Scheme in HIRLAM: Status Report, Viel 0degaard p.89
The Soil Water Freezing in ISBA, Eric Bazile p.92
New Physiographic Data and Climate Generation at DMI, Kai Sattler p.96
HIRLAM Near-surface Output: Error Sources and Possible Improvements in T2m and VI0m Forecasts, Wim de Rooy p.101

* * * * *

Differences in the HIRLAM and ECMWF Forecast Quality A study of Contributing Factors. Simo Jarvenjoja p.110
Comparative Verification of HIRLAM at Met Eireann, Peter Lynch and Jim Hamilton p.121
Verification Results for HIRLAM 4.3, Ray McGrath p.125
Sate-of-the-art of Short Range Forecasting. HIRLAM Activities, ECAM99 Abstract. Peter Lynch p.128
YOK Think You Have Problems! P. Licentious Max p.131
HIRLAM Release Notes p.132

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