Details for HIRLAM Newsletter No. 32 November 1998

Name:HIRLAM Newsletter No. 32 November 1998


Introduction p.1
Calendar of Events p.2
Management Group Visit tot SMHI, 24-25 August, 1998 p.3
Training Workshop, Riga, Latvia, 19-29 October p.8
The HIRLAM Workshop in Madrid, November, 1998 p.12
Regional Climate Modelling at the Rossby Centre with HIRLAM, Markku Rummukainen et al. p.14
The First Rossby Centre HIRLAM-based Climate Simulatinos, Jouni Raisanen and Markku Rummukainen
Cirrus Parameterisation in HIRLAM - Tropical Results, Dance Zurovac-Jevtic p.23
Parameterisation of Stratocumulus using a Prognostic Cloud SCheme, Robert Sigg p.30
Fluxes over Sea using Different Surface Parameterisations, Anna Rutgersson p.32
How to get your Code into HIRLAM, Peter Lynch p.39
Inclusion of Free Convection and a Smooth Sea Surface, Niels Woetman Nielsen, p.44
A Graphical User Interface for HIRLAM, Harrie Kostwinder p.52
Strategy for Y2K Praparations, Gerard Cats p.56
Rossby in Time magazine p.64


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