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HIRLAM Newsletter No. 32 November 1998 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 32 November 1998

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Introduction p.1
Calendar of Events p.2
Management Group Visit tot SMHI, 24-25 August, 1998 p.3
Training Workshop, Riga, Latvia, 19-29 October p.8
The HIRLAM Workshop in Madrid, November, 1998 p.12
Regional Climate Modelling at the Rossby Centre with HIRLAM, Markku Rummukainen et al. p.14
The First Rossby Centre HIRLAM-based Climate Simulatinos, Jouni Raisanen and Markku Rummukainen
Cirrus Parameterisation in HIRLAM - Tropical Results, Dance Zurovac-Jevtic p.23
Parameterisation of Stratocumulus using a Prognostic Cloud SCheme, Robert Sigg p.30
Fluxes over Sea using Different Surface Parameterisations, Anna Rutgersson p.32
How to get your Code into HIRLAM, Peter Lynch p.39
Inclusion of Free Convection and a Smooth Sea Surface, Niels Woetman Nielsen, p.44
A Graphical User Interface for HIRLAM, Harrie Kostwinder p.52
Strategy for Y2K Praparations, Gerard Cats p.56
Rossby in Time magazine p.64


HIRLAM Newsletter No. 26 February 1997 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 26 February 1997

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Welcome to HIRLAM 4 p.1
Modified use of Radiosonde Humidities in the OI Scheme, Peter Lonnberg p.6
Recent Developments in Soil Assimilation, Dominique Giard and Eric Bazile p.10
The Impact of SATEM Data on a Preliminary Version of the French 3D-Var. Assimilation Scheme, Roger Randriamampianina, Jean Pailleux, Jean-Noel Thepaut and P. Moll p.13
A New Strategy to Assimilate Soil Moisture Using Satellite Data, Bart van den Hurk, p. 15
Controlling Noise originating in the Sundqvist Scheme, Bent Hansen Sass and Aidan McDonald p.23
Useful Data Sets which Probe Particular Weaknesses in the HIRLAM Forecast Model, Aidan McDonald, Niels Woetrnan-Nielsen, Bent Hansen Sass, Stefan Gollvik, Viel Odegaard and Laura Rontu p.27
Documentation Framework, Gerard Cats and Wim Som de Cerff p.31
Preliminary Guide for Using RCS-Based HIRLAM, Toon Moene p.37

HIRLAM Newsletter No. 28 August 1997 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 28 August 1997

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Introduction p.1

List of HIRLAM Local Contacts p.2

Recent and forthcoming HIRLAM Meetings p.2

Report of Management Group Visit to INM p.3

Reports of HIRLAM 4 Meetings in Toulouse, June, 1997:
Mini-workshop on Surface Assimilation and Parameterisation (Peter Lynch) p.7
Surface Parameterization: Summary of Discussion (Bent Hansen Sass) p.9
Assimilation of Soil Variables: Summary of Discussion (Nils Gustafsson) p.10
Physiographic Data: Summary of Discussion (Jose Antonio Garcia-Moya) p.11
Report of Session on Coding of ISBA (Bart van den Hurk) p.12
Micro-workshop on Condensation and Clouds (Bent Hansen Sass, Peter Lynch) p.14
Proposal for a common framework for new condensation schemes Jean-Francois Geleyn p.16
La Puerta al Futuro Report of Planning Meeting on New Model Version p.22
Parallelization of 0I Analysis: Meeting Report Werner Wergen p.25
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
Monitoring Observation and Analysis Quality Ray McGrath p.27
Removal of Numerical Instability in the HIRLAM Reference Analysis Ray McGrath p.42
Numerical Problems in the HIRLAM Model: Discussion and Suggestions Aidan McDonald p.45

HIRLAM Newsletter No. 34 November 1999 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 34 November 1999

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Introduction p.1
Calendar p.2
Report of Management Group Visit to DMI, 26th August, 1999 p.3
Workshop on Satellite Observation Processing, Noordwijk p.5
Planning Meeting on HIRLAM Remote Sensing, Noordwijk p.7
Proposal on Boundary Conditions for Limited Area Modelling p.9
Verification Development: Current Status p.12

* * * * *

Analysis Modifications of Box Sizes, Moving Platform Check and Observation Errors, Per Unden p.15
Towards a New Operational HIRLAM System at FMI Results from Pre-operational Tests, Simo Jarvenoja p.33
Implicit Treatment of Turbulent Kinetic Energy Dissipation in the CBR turbulence scheme, Bent Hansen Sass p.43
The Land Surface Treatment used for the Second Regional Climate Simulation (RCA1) at the Rossby Centre, Bjorn Bringfelt p.52
Impact of the Lateral Boundaries on the Digital Filter Initialization scheme in HIRLAM, Ray McGrath and Peter Lynch p.57
HIRLAM on Linux, Toon Moene p.61

* * * * *

Unified Model Experience with Higher Resolution, Clive Wilson p.64

* * * * *

Annual Trends in Forecast Skill at Met Eireann. p.76
HIRLAM Release Notes. p.80
Note on the Cover Illustration. p.82
THANKS. p.83


HIRLAM Newsletter No. 36 October 2000 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 36 October 2000

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Introduction p.1
HIRLAM Management Group Visit to KNMI, September 2000 p.2
Results of the pre-operational HIRLAM 3D-VAR runs at DMI, Kristian S. Mogensen, Jess U. Jergensen, Bjarne Amstrup, Xiaohua Yang and Xiang-Yu Huang p.6
First impact study using AMSU-A radiances in HIRLAM 3D-Var, Nils Gustafsson,
Tomas Landelius, Magnus Lindskog, Harald Schyberg, Frank Tveter, Ole Vignes, Sigurdur Thorsteinsson p.16
Updates for the list of suspicious sounding stations, Kalle Eerola p.20
A robust mixing length formulation for a TKE-l turbulence scheme, Geert lenderink and Wim de Rooy p.25
Anomalous evaporation in arid regions, Carl Fortelius p.30
A land surface treatment at the Rossby Centre intended for RCA2, Bjorn Bringfelt p.32
Modification of Cloud Cover Initialization in the STRACO Scheme to Reduce Moisture Spin-up, Xiaohua Yang and Bent Hansen Sass p.42
Modification of the HIRLAM radiation scheme for use at the Rossby Centre, Petri Raisanen, Markku Rummukainen and Jouni Raisanen p.48
Preliminary Tests on Coupling Physics to Dynamics, Isabel Martinez p.55
Well-posed boundaries; progress report, Aidan McDonald p.63
Problems in the operational HIRLAM at FMI in spring and summer 2000,
Simo Jarvenoja p.68
Recent developments in postprocessing, Laura Rontu and Carl Fortelius p.80
HIRLAM under (mini-)SMS, Gerard Cats p.89
Reference system status, Gerard Cats and Per Unden p.95