Joint ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletters

Since September 2013 the ALADIN and HIRLAM are jointly publishing their ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletters.

The aim is to do this twice a year: one edition around summer, dedicated to the joint All staff Workshop in spring, and one edition in winter.

If you have a contribution for the newsletter please contact the ALADIN secretariat (at MF) and the HIRLAM secretariat (at KNMI).


contributions for the 9th common ALADIN/HIRLAM Newsletter
deadline: mid-June 2017
  • will be mainly devoted to the presentations given by ALADIN and HIRLAM staff at the joint Wk/ASM 2017 in Helsinki
  • will give a focus on:
    • the recent doctors (if any)
    • articles just published
  • will list the future events such as scientific meetings, working weeks, working days
  • and, of course, any additional contribution is also very welcome!


Please be reminded to:


ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters:

 No. 9 [in preparation]
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 8_January2017 (53.62 MB, 2017-05-04)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 7_August2016 (55.2 MB, 2017-05-04)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 6_February2016 (44.96 MB, 2017-05)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 5 - August2015 (27.68 MB, 2017-05-04) 
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter No. 4 - February 2015 (13.56 MB, 2017-05-03) 
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 3 - September 2014 (9.37 MB, 2014-09-26)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 2 - April 2014 (6.34 MB, 2014-05-01)
icon ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletter No. 1 - September 2013 (8.84 MB, 2013-10-09)














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ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no9-September 2017 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no9-September 2017

Date added: 09/27/2017
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ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no9      September 2017


1. Introduction: Patricia Pottier / Frank Lantsheer

2. Editiorial: Patricia Pottier

3. Events announced for 2017 and later on

4.  Around the 27th ALADIN Wk & HIRLAM 2017 ASM

       The Atlas framework and LAM features therein
          Daan Degrauwe and Willem Deconinck

        Deep Convection
           Luc Gerard

        Haromonie-MSG cloud data-assimilation experiments
           Eric Gregow

         Recent development of cloud microphysics (ICE3) within MetCoOp
            Karl-Ivar Ivarsson

         HIRLAM and HARMONIE-AROME radiation comparisons
             Laura Rontu et all

         High-resolution operational NWP for forecasting meteotsunamis
              Martina Tudor et all

5. Two other articles
          AROME for nowcasting (AROME-NWC)
             Nicolas Merlet, Philippe Cau, Céline Jauffret

          Tuning the implementation of the radiation schem ACRANEB2
             Jacob W. Pulsen / Per Berg


ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no8_January2017 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no8_January2017

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ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no7_August2016 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no7_August2016

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ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no6_February2016 ALADIN-HIRLAM-Newsletter_no6_February2016

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