The publications of HIRLAM are the joint ALADIN- HIRLAM Newsletters since September 2013, before that the HIRLAM Newsletters, coming out two times a year, and HIRLAM Technical Reports.



HIRLAM_Technical_Notes ( 9 Files )

This section contains scanned copies of the technical notes published in the first HIRLAM project.


final_reports ( 5 Files )

This section contains the final reports of the past HIRLAM projects.


ALADIN-HIRLAM Newsletters ( 3 Files )

Since September 2013 the ALADIN and HIRLAM are jointly publishing their ALADIN - HIRLAM Newsletter. The aim is to do this twice a year: one edition around summer, dedicated to the joint All staff Workshop in spring, and one edition in winter.

If you have a contribution for the newsletter please contact Patricia Pottier (MF) or Frank Lantsheer (KNMI). 

HIRLAM Newsletters

HIRLAM Newsletters ( 338 Files )

The HIRLAM Newsletters No. 52 and later can be found here in the HIRLAM DOCman area. The older newsletter are being migrated to this place and can be found in the old HIRLAM newsletter pages until they're completely migrated.
HIRLAM Technical Reports

HIRLAM Technical Reports ( 78 Files )

The HIRLAM Technical reports since the beginning of the HIRLAM programme are gradually being imported into the DOCman document management system.

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