Why don't I see all menus or menu items?

The menus or menu items that you see depend on whether you are logging in or not. If you're not logged in as a user, you see the public part of the website.

If you log in then the menu items you see depend on your status. If you have status registered you have access to the private part of the website. If you have status author or publisher then you can also write articles. The default status is registered. The HIRLAM project leaders are default publishers. For change of status please contact me.


What is DOCman?

DOCman is the document manager that is used for storing and making available in a structured way all kind of documents (newsletters, meeting minutes, reports, presentations and more) in the HIRLAM website.        


How to update a document in DOCman (the document management system)?

The new version is on your local computer.

In the frontend of the website go to the document in the corresponding DOCman category.

Depending on your privileges you see a button "update" under the document name.

Press update, select the file on your computer with "browse".

Choose "upload"

Approve yourself, or let the publisher approve, depending on your rights.

How to change your password?

To change your password you go to User Menu -> Personal Details, select Edit -> Update your Profile and fill in a new password in the Contact Info tab.

How to register to the HIRLAM website?

You can send a registration request to the the PL-System or the scientific secretary, with a motivation why you need to be registered.                       


What are the private areas for?

The private areas are areas in the DOCman document management system that give access to specific groups.

If you feel you should have access to a certain area please send an email with motivation to the scientific secretary.                        

Where can I find more information about Joomla!?


How to add a file as a document in DOCman?

A few (one or two) files

Go to the administrator.

A bunch of files