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HELPDESK & General

The helpdesk is intended to be the place where you can ask questions about the HIRLAM and HARMONIE system.
Here you can ask about the HARMONIE system.
278 Topics 1211 Replies
by Ulf Andrae
1 week 1 day ago
Here you can ask for help related to HIRLAM
22 Topics 148 Replies
by Eoin Whelan
5 years 10 months ago
Inquiries/Discussions about general issues concerning HIRLAM that does not obviously falls under the category of HIRLAM or HARMONIE systems
25 Topics 81 Replies
by Laura Rontu
11 months 3 weeks ago


Operational GLAMEPS
Discussions about operational phase of GLAMEPS
15 Topics 32 Replies
by Xiaohua Yang
5 years 2 weeks ago


Forum for HARMONIE and HIRLAM research and application community
HARMONIE surface related discussions and questions
8 Topics 32 Replies
Last Post: Crashes in CANARI
by Ulf Andrae
1 year 8 months ago
Forum on observation pre-processing and assimilation in HIRLAM/HARMONIE community

Please use Observation Monitoring for discussion on operational monitoring
Radar data(1/7)
6 Topics 56 Replies
by María Díez
2 years 2 months ago
HARMONIE climate related discussions and questions
12 Topics 56 Replies
by Bert van Ulft
3 months 3 weeks ago
Harmonie EPS related discussions and questions
6 Topics 7 Replies
by Rafael Grote
6 months 2 weeks ago
Discussion forum on harmonie-36h1
5 Topics 3 Replies
by Jisk Attema
7 years 3 months ago
HARMONIE convection study
1 Topics 5 Replies
by Eirik Mikal Samuelsen
1 year 1 month ago


HARP-Hirlam Aladin R-based Package --- discussion forum
1 Topics 0 Replies
by Gema Morales
2 years 3 months ago
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