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TOPIC: Running Hirlam 7.4 on ecgate

Running Hirlam 7.4 on ecgate 6 years 3 weeks ago #1210

  • Suleiamn Mostamandy
  • Suleiamn Mostamandy's Avatar
could not get success with Hirlam 7.4 RCR at ecgate
this error i have got :

Hirlam start DTG=2014011000 LL=24
14-03-13 10:46:44 Hirlam: this is /home/ms/spsehlam/hlam/hirlam_release/trunk
/scratch/ms/fi/fia/hl_home/testbd/lib/scripts/Actions: line 40: whence: command not found
Hirlam: no Start in /scratch/ms/fi/fia/hl_home/testbd/lib/ibmecmwf/bin:/scratch/ms/fi/fia/hl_home/testbd/lib/scripts:/usr/local/apps/sms/4.4.13/bin:/usr/local/apps/ecaccess/4.0.2/bin:/usr/local/apps/libemos/000393/bin:/usr/local/apps/perl/5.16.3-01/bin:/usr/local/apps/python/2.7.3-02/bin:/usr/local/apps/ecfs/2.0.13rc2/bin:/usr/local/apps/grib_api/1.10.0/bin:/usr/local/apps/jasper/1.900.1/LP64/bin:/usr/local/apps/slurm/utils/bin:/usr/local/apps/slurm/2.5.4/bin:/usr/lib64/qt-3.3/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/home/ms/fi/fia/bin:/scratch/ms/fi/fia/hl_home/testbd/lib/ibmecmwf/bin:/scratch/ms/fi/fia/hl_home/testbd/lib/scripts.
config-sh/Main failed

thanks for yuor help !

Running Hirlam 7.4 on ecgate 6 years 3 weeks ago #1212

  • Eoin Whelan
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Hi Suleiamn,

I think this is related to the port of the ecgate server from AIX to Redhat Linux. The trunk "version" of HIRLAM has been taken care of. The following works for me:
cd $HOME
mkdir -p hl_home/testTrunk
cd hl_home/testTrunk
/perm/ms/spsehlam/hlam/hirlam_release/trunk/config\-sh/Hirlam setup -h ecgb -d /perm/ms/spsehlam/hlam/hirlam_release
/perm/ms/spsehlam/hlam/hirlam_release/trunk/config\-sh/Hirlam start DTG=2014011000 LL=06

Full details are available here

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