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Laura Rontu

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Just wanted to share my experience of using nomachine, nx for ecgate connections. This allows you to get faster connection which is useful especially with miniSMS or other X windows like opening gv to watch ps figures. There are different ways to use nx, I have only tried the command directly from my linux laptop session. There have been problems with keyboard, not only when using Scandinavian keyboard but more generally, which have made nx sessions useless in practice. Tricks with e.g. modifying the local xorg.conf do not work in the newer computers. However, there seems to be a working solution.

In short, you need to
1. get and install nxclient from www.nomachine.com/
2. start a connection to ecaccess and modify the configuration of nx as needed (you may find advise for this somewhere at ecmwf.int)
3. work normally if your keyboard settings do not cause problems

or export your local keyboard to ecgate:

in your local computer:
xmodmap -pke > xmodmap.myowncomputername

upload xmodmap.myowncomputername to ecgate home directory

at ecgate:
write yourself a simple script kb, put it to your $HOME/bin/ :

cp -f ~/xmodmap.${kone} ~/.Xmodmap
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

Then use the script at ecgate:
kb myowncomputername

When you first try this, you may get about one hundred of lines of error messages. Do not give up (as I first did) but correct all errors by removing everything xmodmap does not like. What remains, should be sufficient to ensure normal working.

Why a script and not a command directly in your .cshrc or somewhere? Because you may have more than one computer where you connect from, and their xmodmaps may be different. Anyway, you may add the command
xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap to .cshrc for one of the cases and correct with the script only when needed.
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