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Reply Topic: ATM Shortwave Longwave Radiation Calls in MUSC

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1 year 7 months ago #2275

Laura Rontu

Laura Rontu's Avatar

The radiation call frequency for the default IFS radiation is controlled by NRADFR in &NAERAD. We normally set it to 1 in MUSC, so calling also IFS radiation scheme every time step. For HLRADIA (available only if harmonie radiation branch is used) only NRADFR=1 works. For ACRANEB2 gaseous transfer definitions are given in &NAMPHY, NSORAYFR and NTHRAYFR. The default seems to be an update every hour. For the radiation transfer through clouds ACRANEB2 is always called at every timestep. So, shortly, use NRADFR=1 always, leave default values for ACRANEB2. It is, by the way, possible to see some oscillations between the time steps in the MUSC output radiation fluxes especially during the first hours. The reason is is not clear for me yet.
1 year 8 months ago #2270

Erik Janzon

Erik Janzon's Avatar

Does anyone know how many times MUSC treats calls for LW/SW radiation updates? I'm running MUSC cy40h1 and my output has a step pattern to it, which looks like something happens every 15 minutes (my output is in one minute timesteps). The SW net output appears to be slightly smoothed...like there is some interpolation between the 15 minute steps. Can anyone add some color to this?


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