MWR publication

The HARMONIE-AROME model configuration in the ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system

A document which describes the forecast model configuration (e.g. no data assimilation or EPS) used in our Reference System (Cy40h1) configuration. Accepted for publication in MWR:

It can be used as a baseline reference publication whenever you need to describe what the HARMONIE-AROME forecast model actually consists of.

HARMONIE-AROME configuration
The naming convention of our model and the other LAM models in the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system has had an extensive dialogue between the HIRLAM management group, the HIRLAM Advisory Committee (HAC) and the ALADIN Political Advisory Committee (PAC) as well as ALADIN/LACE partners. It has been adopted that the name 'HARMONIE-AROME' is to be used for the model configuration adopted in our Reference system from now onwards. This in recognition of the legacy provided by Meteo-France and ALADIN, but also indicating that the HARMONIE variant of AROME differs in specific aspects (described clearly in the paper above) from that of AROME-France. We hereby urge you (in writing proposals, scientific articles and conference presentations) to consistently use the naming convention "HARMONIE-AROME" when referring to our forecast model configuration.

HARMONIE scripting system
We do have a HARMONIE scripting system which also permits the running of other LAM model configurations which are contained in the shared ALADIN-HIRLAM NWP system, such as ALARO and ALADIN (but which are not developed or supported by the HIRLAM community). When people use the scripting system in this way in presentations and/or publications, we urge them to be careful to specify which model configuration they are actually running and NOT just call it "the HARMONIE model / system".

Jeanette Onvlee, Programme Manager


Announcement of HIRLAM-C Management position

Following HIRLAM Management Position is open for applications
  ( vacancy information )

Project Leader for the Atmospheric Forecast Model
(50% of full time)
- responsible for the development of the dynamics and physics parametrizations
                  of the HARMONIE forecast model -
Announcement summary
Keywords in expertise 
-  strong and inspired scientific leadership
-  well documented expertise in dynamics and/or physics parametrization development
-  good knowledge of the codes in the HARMONIE/IFS modeling system

Keywords in job description
-  participates in both science and code development for the forecast model (to lead the scientists)
-  accurately monitors and reports developments to HMG and HIRLAM governing bodies
-  keeps close interaction with ALADIN management and staff (in order to achieve fruitful research cooperation and joint planning activities)
-  interacts regularly with relevant ECMWF staff

Candidates should be employed by or through one the HIRLAM institutes. Their application should have the support of this host institute. Remuneration level of the successful candidate will correspond to that of a group leader or section head in the host institute as decided by its General Director.

Contact with and/or send applications to:
HIRLAM-C Programme Manager, Jeanette Onvlee, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Application should enclose a short motivational letter (explaining basic interest, special requirements) as well as a concise CV, to be received by the PM not later than 3 March 2017.

Procedure of evaluation
Evaluation of applications will be done by a selection board (HIRLAM Programme Manager, chair of HIRLAM Advisory Committee (HAC) and a HAC member of senior scientist).

Interviews will take place in the week of 27-31 March 2017.

The candidate recommended by the selection board will be formally appointed by the HIRLAM Council.

The first SURFEX Users Workshop

The first SURFEX Users Workshop organized by Météo-France will be in Toulouse, France.

The SUW2017 will take place at the Météopole Centre International de Conférences (CIC) from Monday 27th February 2017 9:30am to Wednesday 1st March 5:30pm.

The main objective of the SUW2017 workshop is to give the users the opportunity to present their activities related to SURFEX, and to facilitate communication and set up the groundwork for future collaborative efforts.

Please visit the SUW2017 website for workshop content and registration information.

P. Le Moigne & A. Boone