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HARMONIE system training

From Monday 14 September 2015
To Thursday 17 September 2015
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Invitation to HARMONIE training 2015

The HIRLAM-B program hereby invites all interested from the HIRLAM-ALADIN community and
associated partners to a HARMONIE system training week in Norrköping. The training workshop will
be held from Monday Sept 14th – to Thursday the 17th, 2015, at SMHI, Norrköping, Sweden. The
main focus of the training week is to give newcomers to HARMONIE an introduction to the different
parts and aspects of the HARMONIE system. This year we will focus extra on the usage of
HARMONIE for climate modeling. The training course will cover topics like
• Monday: Dynamics, System introduction, experimentation
• Tuesday: AROME/ALARO physics, SURFEX, Climate aspects
• Wednesday: Climate aspects, Diagnostics and verification
• Thursday: Current scientific problems ( presented by the participants )
During the week lectures will be mixed with practical hands on exercises. For more details check
the training page https://hirlam.org/trac/wiki/HarmonieSystemTraining2015 or the content of the
last training course held in 2014, https://hirlam.org/trac/wiki/HarmonieSystemTraining2014.


Read more under https://hirlam.org/trac/wiki/HarmonieSystemTraining2015


Location : SMHI, Norrköping, Sweden
Contact : Ulf Andrae


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