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Name:Lake depth dataset

Version 2.0 (available as an ASCII zipped).
Developed by Ekaterina Kourzeneva, using a prototype data set of Natalia Schneider.


The data set contains mean depths of a number of European lakes and of major lakes of the other parts of the world. Each lake is identified with its location (geographical co-ordinates) and its international name. The local name used in the country where the lake is located is also given. In many instances the two names coincide. The lake maximum depth and its surface area are given whenever available (9999.0 is a missing value). Lakes are ordered with respect to the part of the world where the lake in question is located. Within each part of the world, lakes are listed with respect to the country of their location. Both the parts of the world and the countries are ordered alphabetically. Finally, the lakes within each country are organised with respect to their surface area in descending order.
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