Details for Final Report of the HIRLAM 4 Project, 1997-1999.

Name:Final Report of the HIRLAM 4 Project, 1997-1999.

HIRLAM 4 Final Report

Peter Lynch, Project Leader
Nils Gustafsson, Deputy Manager, Assimilation
Bent Hansen Sass, Deputy Manager, Modelling
Gerard Cats, System Manager

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction gives an overall view of the Project, and a summary of its
Chapter 2: Data Assimilation and Data is a Report on Analysis by Nils Gustafsson.
Chapter 3: Model Developments is a Report on Modelling by Bent Hansen Sass.
Chapter 4: System and Embedding is a Report on System and Embedding by Gerard Cats.

Annex 1 contains a list of HIRLAM 4 Meetings.
Annex 2 is a selected list of Exchange Visits during the Project.
Annex 3 is a list of HIRLAM and related Publications.

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