Introduction, Tilly Driesenaar

Papers presented at the All-Staff Meeting 2011 (5 - 8 April, Norrkoping)

4D-Var HARMONIE Developments, Magnus Lindskog, Ole Vignes, Nils Gustafsson, Trygve Aspelien, Roger Randriamampianina, Mariano Hortal, Ulf Andræ, Per Dahlgren, Bernard Chapnik, Olivier Rivière, Claude Fischer,Gergely Bölöni, Florian Meier, Benedikt Strajnar, Antonin Bucanek, Vanja Kova? 

Assimilation of radar data in HARMONIE Activities and plans,  Martin Ridal, Bjarne Amstrup, Mats Dahlbom, Carlos Geijo, Martin Grønsleth, Siebren de Haan, Günther Haase, Tomislav Kovacic, Magnus Lindskog, Jeanette Onvlee, Roger Randriamampianina, Eoin Whelan

Studies of HARMONIE 3D-Var with 3-hourly rapid update cycling, Magnus Lindskog and Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

HARMONIE surface data assimilation, Mariken Homleid

Correcting phase errors using optical flow and image warping, Tomas Landelius and Magnus Lindskog

Data Assimilation by Field Alignment, Testing the Theory,  Carlos Geijo

The quality of EuroTEPS vs. EPS after the latest cycle updates, Inger-Lise Frogner

Predicting Intense Precipitation Using Upscaled, High-Resolution Ensemble Forecasts, Henrik Feddersen

High-resolution ensemble prediction of a polar low development, Jørn Kristiansen, Silje Sørland, Trond Iversen, Dag Bjørge and Morten Køltzow

Testing cloud parametrizations in NWP models against satellite data, Kristian P. Nielsen

Inter-comparison of radiative fluxes in the SURFEX TEB and observations from a moving platform in the streets of Helsinki, Carl Fortelius and Achim Drebs

What is going on in HIRLAM dynamics, Mariano Hortal

Sensitivity of HARMONIE to nesting strategy and initial conditions, Jana Sánchez, Javier Calvo and Ana Morata

Computationally efficient tilted independent column calculations of surface radiation, Kristian P. Nielsen and Bent H. Sass

Last updates of the Liu-Penner parametrization in Hirlam, Karl-Ivar Ivarsson

On-line boundary layer verification of weather models, Markku Kangas

The ALADIN/CHAPEAU model as a new tool for education and inter-comparison purposes at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Balogh, M., Horányi, A., Gyöngyösi, A. Z., André, K., Mile, M, Weidinger, T., Tasnádi P.

Other papers

Annual Review of Operational HIRLAM 2011 and status of the reference system,Ulf Andræ

Annex A        Programme and participant list of the ASM 2011/ALADIN 21th Wk


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HIRLAM Newsletter No. 58 November 2011 HIRLAM Newsletter No. 58 November 2011

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