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FLake model and database

FLake model and database ( 5 Files )

The new global LAKE dataset for the parameterisation of lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and climate modelling is made available here. It contains global gridded data for lake depth, the mean values or the bathymetry, with the resolution of 30 sec. of arc and the additional dataset about the reliability of the depth data.

For more information see the home pages for the FLake model and the Lake Depth dataset.

For more information about the dataset see the Description of the FLake global dataset for the parameterisation of lakes.


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input_SODA_test input_SODA_test

Date added: 08/09/2013
Date modified: 09/08/2015
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Input data for offline test of SODA

NB!!! Bad forcing for rain/snow. Should not be used!