HIRLAM official publications

HIRLAM official publications ( 448 Files )

The publications of HIRLAM are the joint ALADIN- HIRLAM Newsletters since September 2013, before that the HIRLAM Newsletters, coming out two times a year, and HIRLAM Technical Reports.

HIRLAM steering documents

HIRLAM steering documents ( 15 Files )

Steering documents of the current phase HIRLAM-B and the previous phase HIRLAM-A.

Meeting reports and presentations

Meeting reports and presentations ( 256 Files )

This category contains all reports and presentations of HIRLAM and related meetings and workshops.
Software downloads

Software downloads ( 6 Files )

This categorie contains software available for downloads. Different software is available for different groups of people. You can see only the selection of software available according to your rights (after logging in).