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News from the HIRLAM Council

Dear HIRLAM people,

Last week, the memorandum of understanding of the HIRLAM-B programme (2011-2015) has been signed by all institutes, including the Lithuanian Hydrological and Meteorological Service (LHMS), which thereby will officially join the HIRLAM consortium at 1 January 2011. A warm welcome to our new Lithuanian colleagues!

Also, the cooperation agreement with ALADIN has been extended to the HIRLAM-B period, and the HIRLAM-B management group has been formally appointed by the Council. Informally, you have probably all heard who will be in our new team of project leaders, but now it is official:

  • Magnus Lindskog – data assimilation and use of observations
  • Mariano Hortal – dynamics
  • Laura Rontu – physics
  • Trond Iversen – probabilistic forecasting
  • Xiaohua Yang – Quality assessment and operational cooperation
  • Ulf Andrae – System
  • Tilly Driesenaar – scientific secretary

All the best wishes to the new team for the coming years, from the Council and myself. Also a sincere thank-you for the departing members of the HIRLAM-A management team (Nils Gustafsson and Sander Tijm) for all their commitment and hard work for HIRLAM-A.  It has been great working with both of them!

In the previous months you all have probably also seen the work plan of 2011 and many of you will have been discussing your activities in this context with members of the HIRLAM-A MG. Attached is the latest version of this work plan, the first joint plan with ALADIN.

Note: In the period of 1/1/2011 – 31/3/2011, Tilly will not be available for any HIRLAM duties, so she will join the new project leaders team from 1 April onwards. In the mean time, if you have any questions towards the scientific secretary in the period 1/1 – 31/3, please address those to me instead.


Best regards,