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A Prize for Innovation in Meteorology

Now it's time to review all your ideas to find the one that is innovative, practical, realizable and brings Meteorology forward in society!

The Harry Otten prize will recognize ideas that will enable a clearly innovative contribution of meteorology to society, and that are not already being developed elsewhere.

Individuals and groups up to three persons can participate in the competition. The first submission can be as short as three pages.

Applications for the 2013 competition are possible from 15th October 2012 until 10th March 2013.

The first prize round was in 2012 and will be rewarded from 2013 onwards every two years. The winner of the competition will receive €25,000 in cash and it is also foreseen to grant a lower amount to the second and third prize. Winners will retain full rights to their ideas but when wanted help is offered to realize the winning ideas.

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Inger-Lise Frogner new PL EPS

Dear HIRLAM colleagues,

Some time ago, our project leader for probabilistic forecasting (PL EPS), Trond Iversen, informed me that he wished to resign from his position by the end of 2011.This meant that  a new project leader had to be attracted for this position, starting from 1 January 2012 until the end of 2015, and the HIRLAM Council decided to open an application procedure for this position. Interviews have been held with the applicants by a selection committee. The HIRLAM Council has decided this week to accept the candidate proposed in the recommendation of the selection committee: Inger-Lise Frogner from met.no.

Hereby I wish Inger-Lise the best of luck in her new role, and hope that it will be a rewarding and interesting experience for her. Certainly there will be plenty of interesting scientific challenges to meet for her and her team! I hereby also take the opportunity to thank Trond again for all the hard work he has put in as PL: he has done a great job in the past years in leading the effort to develop the GLAMEPS system and make it operational, and in this year to create a HarmonEPS experimental system. Both of these milestones are now very close to being achieved, and I would like to give Trond (and his team of course) full credits for them.

Jeanette Onvlee

Announcement of HIRLAM-B Management position

The following position in the HIRLAM Management Group is now open for applications:

Project leader for Probabilistic forecasting (50% of full time), responsible for the
development of the short-range ensemble forecasting system.

For more information please read the icon official announcement of HIRLAM-B Management Position.

The applications should reach the Chairman of the HIRLAM Council, Dr. Frits Brouwer, KNMI, and the Programme Manager Dr. Jeanette Onvlee latest on 28 October 2011.



Jelena Bojarova new PL DA&UoO

Monday 20th of June Jelena Bojarova started as Project Leader Data Assimilation and Use of Observations of HIRLAM-B.

We like to thank Magnus Lindskog for his hard work as Project Leader in the first half year of HIRLAM-B and wish Jelena a lot of success in her new position!