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New website launched

Published on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 14:51
Written by Tilly Driesenaar

The new HIRLAM website is launched today. It is not completely ready yet (it will never be I guess). But it contains enough information to start with. The website gives access to new information in the system, and to a copy of the old website in case the information is not migrated yet. There are a few things I like to highlight here.

User administration

All registered users have user profiles, which are very basic now. The user profiles will be extended with more information after the all staff meeting. The advantage of these user profiles is that you can update the information yourself if needed. Also there is help in case of lost passwords/usernames. In near future this database will be synchronised with the trac/wiki users.

Document management

There is a document management system called DOCman in which all documents will be stored. This concerns documents like meeting reports, newsletters, technical reports, presentations.

Calendar of Events

We have a calendar of events that lists all interesting events like workshops, other scientific meeting and so on.

system wiki and mailman mailing lists

The HIRLAM system wiki and the mailman mailing lists are kept in place and function. We're working on a search engine that makes the information in the mailing lists archives' better accessible.

And more..

Please take your time to explore the website, by using the menu on the leftside.

At the All Staff Meeting in Utrecht I will tell more about the website. 

In case of questions please send me an email.